Rob Zubek


At the age of 12, a car guy at heart, I started detailing. I would look forward to Saturday mornings, when I had the opportunity to detail my parents cars exterior and spruce up the interior. My intrinsic motivation was keeping our vehicles shiny and well maintained. I take pride in doing what I do well. I quickly learned about car wax after seeing my neighbor wax their car. Intrigued, I asked “why is his car turning white?” I immediately had to learn more about this product.

Fast forward a few years – the love of detailing my own vehicles has lead to a professional career in detailing. I’ve invested in myself and trained with two of the best detailers in the industry. I am also a Certified Detailer through the International Detailing Association.

My passion for cars, years of experience, continued education, and involvement in the detailing industry allows me to provide the best product for our customers’ cars.

Rob Fafrowicz


My passion for detailing originated from my combined interest of cleanliness and automotive and aviation culture as a child. I clearly remember begging my parents to buy me a vacuum that I had seen on an infomercial multiple times as a 6-year old. As a young boy, this was an odd request indeed, but I did receive my vacuum shortly thereafter. Our floors had never been so spotless.

Many children seem to change interests quite often as they age. My interests, however, did not. I spent hours ensuring that things around the house were clean and properly arranged, and eventually I started to look after our family vehicles with my dad. We vacuumed, cleaned nooks and crannies, and even shampooed carpets and seats together. With age, I willingly took on this responsibility my myself and continued to clean and detail our family vehicles, including my sister and brother’s cars, although now I realize that they may have taken advantage of my interest.

During high school, I developed an additional interest of entrepreneurship and business operation. I soon realized that my interest in detailing could potentially fill a need within the Verde Valley—a high quality detailing service that was operated purely out of passion and interest for the art itself. Toward the end of my sophomore year of high school, All in the Polish Detailing was created.